Keep it fun

 - Finding a new job in a career you love should be enjoyable.

- If you're having fun, you're likely doing it right.

- To make it more fun, draw a picture of your ideal life on a large piece of paper using colored pencils or pens.

- Include details like where you live, who you're with, what you do, how your home looks, and your dream vacation.

- Don't let reality limit your imagination.

- If you can't draw, use symbols or doodles with labels to represent different aspects your of ideal life.

- You can also create a vision board by cutting out pictures and quotes from magazines or the internet and sticking them onto a piece of paper.

- This exercise is powerful because it uses images instead of words, which engages your creative mind and encourages change.

- Doing fun activities like this can help you explore and envision your new life.